Friday, November 7, 2014

Wings of fancy

Oh heart of mine, take me away,
To a place that's so faraway,,
Faraway from the race of life, 
Where's there's no weariness or strife.

Take me to a meadow smelling of fresh grass,
Where horses gently canter, and air's clear like glass,
Where cottony, downy clouds, sing 
lilting lullabies,
To ever flowing silvery streams and craggy mountains high.

Take me to a land, a land so faraway,
Where I could rest ,rest my head on a carpet of downy hay,
Where incandescent rays of the sun warm this body of mine,
Where Earth and Sky just rise to meet, somewhere in infinity divine.

Oh, give me that air, that air so fresh,
That soothes my being with every breath,
That fills me with it's aura so calm, 
And treats my weary soul with it's healing balm.

Oh gentle heart of mine, take me away....
Oh gentle heart of mine, take me away
On wings of fancy to a land faraway, 
To winds of freshness in a land faraway....
       Poem : Shelly Singh
       Pic: Sanjay Dhawan

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