Monday, November 10, 2014

Soar, Soar Away

I gave you wings, taught you how to fly,
And now you're ready to soar in the sky.
Glide effortlessly, oh child of mine,
And find your place and your own tribe....

Where did those years just melt away?
It seems just like yesterday,
When you took that first faltering step,
I laughed while I cried, my heart joyously leapt.....

Your first day at school, your tiny hand in mine,
I left you at the gate and then I tearfully smiled,
And when you cried those briny tears,
It wrenched my heart and I hid my fears.....

When did you grow up , oh son of mine?
From a helpless bonny infant to a teen so fine
I never got a chance to count those sunny days and sleepless nights,
Those tears, those joys, those soothing, gentle lullabies.......

And now you're ready to fly and soar,
Into a new world that you'll explore.
My strapping boy, I wish you the very best,
Happiness, peace, progress and success......

But as that lined nest you leave,
My weary heart and soul do grieve,
For all those beautiful times we spent,
As a family of bonded togetherness.....

As you fly into the world so new,
Remember the tree from which you flew,
Stay grounded, rooted ,little one,
As you find your lofty place under the Sun......
As you find your lofty place under the Sun.......

     Poem: Shelly Singh
     Pic.    : Sanjay Dhawan

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