Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ethereal Beauty

" Ethereal Beauty"
Standing there since eternity, wearing a shawl of silver mist,
You seem so distant and ethereal, 
Cold, alone and exquisite.

Celestial Beauty, sign of passionate love,
You seem so brilliantly perfect,
Out of this world , divine and paradisiacal,
Yet too perfect to be soulful.

Why do I wish there were some flaws?
Flaws that make you more Earthly,
Inspite of that marbled, delicate grace,
Why do I wish you weren't so heavenly?

Oh Translucsent Beauty, I am the orange glow,
That touches your exterior but not your soul,
I bathe the water, warm beside you, that flows,
But can't seem to penetrate that eloquent stony cold.

Let me warm you, warm your very being,
Let me into your heart, break that Elysian screen,
Oh, Ethereal Beauty, don't stand there, alone and lonely,
Let me envelop you with my love till timeless infinity! 

       Pic courtesy: Dr. Sanjay Dhawan

For beauty is not skin deep 
But it is the fire within....
For beauty is not skin deep 
But it is the fire within......

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