Saturday, November 8, 2014

Moods of mine

I am the sea, clear sparkling and glistening,
I am the sea, untamed, wild and threatening.
I am the sea, gentle , calm and radiant,
I am the sea, dangerous, chaotic and violent.

You sometimes see me warm, warmed by the Sun's glory,
And sometimes I'm so cold, chilly, dark and dreary.
I take on brilliant hues, orange, green and blue,
And sometimes I just appear, dull and colourless too.

Sometimes I'm joyous, flirtingly I caress,
Those beautiful golden sands which turn to molten nothingness.
Yet sometimes like an angry soul, I crush the craggy rocks,
I trample, I trod, I pulverise , I beat and I shock.

What is it that makes me, so different in my nature,
Gentle, calm, sometimes, sometime angry out of character.
It is the sky above, who is my soul's desire,
I show my different moods to him, my love and my ire.

I know we can never meet, never in this lifetime,
I long to touch and hold you dear, make you forever mine.
I jump, I leap, I fret, I weep to get your attention,
And then I wearily do resign, to still myself of emotion.

Far away in the horizon, someday we will meet,
Your spirited air, my liquid fire, our passion and our heat.
We will some day scorch the Earth ,with our love divine,
Till then, my love, you must see ,these varied moods of mine.....
Till then , my love, you must see ,these varied moods of mine......

Poem: Dr. Shelly Singh
Pic:  Dr. Sanjay Dhawan

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