Friday, November 14, 2014

Circle of Undying Life

              " The Circle of Life"

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust ,
Death's finality , always so just.
Life's delicate , brittle and fragile,
Like the dainty autumn clouds in the sky.

Why do our loved ones just drift away,
Into a land so faraway?
When nothings left but memories through misty eyes,
And nothing's tangible ,like stars in the smoky skies.

Why must a lifetime of joy and sorrow,
Of seriousness and frivolities so hollow,
Of shared times and memories come to naught,
When death rings it's bell so taut.

As I grieve and I lament,
At life which seems so meaningless,
I chance upon this meadow delightful,
With delicate flowers so beautiful.

These tiny, frail flowers dotting the green expanse,
Where did they spring up from into a featureless land?
When did they come up to dance this dance of life?
To flutter and to flirt , to joyously please the eyes.

This was a canvas totally unpainted,
Yet brilliant reds now dazzled and fragrant perfumes wafted.
These tenuous beings proclaimed their presence loudly,
Blowing in the breeze, singing their stories loudly.

And then ,another truth I realise,
That there's an evergreen circle of life.
Ever flowing , unceasing, interminable,
Of life and hope, energy and positivity immortal!
And that's where undying life scores over death,
And that's where undying life scores over death!!!!!
           Poem.      :Shelly Singh
           Pic credits: Sanjay Dhawan

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