Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Manacles of my Mind


Shacked, chained, bound to the floor,
My tired, callused feet you hold,
Cramped, weary, listless, what do you behold?
Is it my body that's chained
Or my fettered mind that's pained?

No.... it's my soul that's kept chained,
Boundaries and walls that have me maimed,
Incarcerated, imprisoned, tied and constrained....

My mind wants to break free from these bonds,
Like a chrysalis that opens up to a world of charms,
I want to dance, dance free in the wind,
In the gentle rain that drenches my being.....

But who, oh who, will set me free,
From these shells and walls that hold me,
To fulfil my desires to soar,
To touch the sky and clouds that roar.......

To reach those dizzying, dizzying heights,
To break free from a mind that fights,
To do everything that I want to achieve,
Even if the path has no rest or reprieve.....

And then, stark realisation dawns.....
It is me, it is me ,it is me,alone,
Who can liberate me from this prison of my own,
Some day ,I too will be free and soar,
Liberated in heart, mind, spirit and soul.....

And that is the hope which keeps me afloat,
And that is the hope that keeps me afloat......

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